Ana Perez: Self Made – Episode 56

A rough start to life never stopped our guest from achieving her goals, in fact, you might say it only fueled her fire. Ana Perez joins us today and shares her story of struggle and triumph. Ana is nothing less than incredible. She is the epitome of ‘Self Made.’

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  • 2:00 – Who is Ana Perez?
  • 4:33 – How did Ana get into Powerlifting?
  • 8:30 – Ana’s interview in Women’s Strength Coalition brought to light her struggle with drug addiction and how powerlifting helped her change her circumstances.
  • 17:10 –  OWN YOUR STORY
  • 27:00 – High school dropout to entrepreneur – be your own motivation.
  • 31:12 – Ana’s most memorable powerlifting moment.
  • 40:25 – Advice to her younger self

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