Eating for Health and Gains: The Missing Pieces – Episodes 55

You’ve heard about macros and micros, carbs and fats, protein and sugar…but what does it all mean and how does it apply to you as an athlete. In today’s episode, we discuss what a ‘Healthy Diet’ actually means. We drop quite the knowledge bomb on you, so make sure you have a pen and paper ready to take some notes!

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  • 3:15 – What is a healthy diet for a female strength athlete?
  • 12:00 – Carbs, carbs the magical macro
  • 22:00 – Grainzz (the edible gainz)
  • 25:30 – Processed foods…what are this?
  • 29:50 – The meat debate (dun, dun, dunnnnn). You knew this would happen eventually.
  • 43:20 – All about fat.

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