We ARE Empowered by Iron – Episode 51

Being 100% authentic is no easy feat. We live in a world where authenticity is rare and social interactions are so superficial it makes us want to SCREAM! In this episode, we sit down and answer some thought-provoking questions that we hope give you some more insight into who we are as people. It’s time to get raw and real because we ARE Empowered by Iron.

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This episode highlights:
5:15 – Current life goals
9:30 – What are you absolutely determined to do?
12:20 – What do you spend most of your time thinking about?
17:40 – Something that scares you…
21:30 – Something that excites you…
25:40 – What are some personal rules you never break?
30:50 – What is something you’ve had to unlearn?
35:00 – Women in Strength – Athlete Resource Facebook support group!!!!

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