Frances Manias: “You can’t stop the evolution of training” – Episode 63

“We all have the strength to go at it alone, but we choose to go at it together.”

Our guest today is all about community. From elite basketball to bodybuilding to powerlifting, Frances Manias has dominated just about everything, and in the past year, has built one of the best powerlifting training camps to date…Iron Sisters. She is extremely humble in all her accomplishments, and chooses to shine the light on others. We are very excited to have Frances on the podcast for Part I of our interview with her. This episode is so inspirational, you don’t want to miss it!!

Where you can find Frances & Iron Sisters:

Jennifer Thompson: Bench Press 101

Jennifer Thompson: Bench Press 201

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    • 3:00 – Who is Frances?
    • 8:00 – It all started with bodybuilding…
      • The evolution of women in bodybuilding.
      • Journey to Powerlifting
      • Creating community
    • 35:15 – Iron Sisters
      • Bench Press 101 – Jen Thompson
    • 48:50 – Frances shines the light on others to build something bigger than herself.
    • 1:00:00 – Frances shares with us a powerful story to remind us that everyday is a gift. Do not take a single moment for granted.


  • Part II – Coming soon…


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