Heather Connor: IPF World Champion & Female Badass – Episode 52

It’s only been three years since Heather Connor stepped into the Powerlifting scene, and girl is she making waves. In this episode, we get to know the person behind the Instagram persona @stay_fit_with_Heather, what fuels her fire, what loyalty means in the sport and so much more. Join us as we dive into Heather’s story today on Empowered by Iron.

In this episode:

  • 3:15 – Who is Heather Connor?
  • 9:45 – The frustration of online coaches…
  • 15:30 – How did Heather get into Powerlifting?
  • 21:19 – Heather’s advice for lifters competing in their first meet.
  • 22:38 – What fuels her fire….!
  • 26:50 – The mental aspect of lifting: Keeping a personal life in an overly-personal world
  • 34:13 –  How Heather has been Empowered by Iron
  • 41:47 – Loyalty

Where you can find Heather:

2017 USAPL RAW Nationals

  • Heather will be competing in the 47kg weight class in the prime-time lifting session on Day #1 of Nationals on October 10th, 2017.

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