It’s pretty safe to say we all have bad days…both in training and life. While we can’t always control outside factors that influence our lives, we can control how we react and adapt. In this week’s episode we discuss how to recover from a bad training day so that a bad day doesn’t spiral into a bad week, month or year.

  • Fiercely Fueled Nutrition CoachingOnline nutrition coaching for strength and functional fitness athletes. Coached by our own Dr. Kristin Lander.
  • Bama Brick SquadStacy offers various coaching services and packages: all geared towards helping you reach your goals. She works with athletes of all shapes and sizes. Support BBS and check out their merch!


  • Highlights:
    • 2:45 – Kristin had a bad training day
    • 5:45 – What 23 year old Kristin would have done
    • 9:23 – What Kristin actually did
    • 14:56 – How to be a supportive person
    • 21:36 – We are all going to have bad days  

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