Janae Marie Kroc: Strength is NOT a gender – Episode 57

Women are constantly told they should be less, and our guest today has unique insight into this issue. Janae Marie Kroc is paving the way for transgender women in today’s strength world by striving to live a life that is more and not less.  Join us as we have a deep discussion about what gender is, how she was outed, her journey since then and a whole lot more.  

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  • 11:15 – Welcome, Janae Marie!
  • 25:00 – Breaking stereotypes…the Transgenda?
  • 37:06 – There is nothing wrong with you because someone doesn’t understand you…Life advice from Janae.
  • 53:00 – Education Station: Gender fluid & non-binary?
  • 60:00 – Less is NOT more
  • 81:00 – What lifting has done for Janae especially during her transition
  • 91:00 – Transformer the documentary
  • 96:00 – What does Janae know now that she wishes she knew then?

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