Sleep! We all know we need it, but why? And how does a good night’s rest contribute to our massive strength gains? In today’s episode we break down what sleep is, how sleep affects your brain, sleep and strength gains, and how to get a better night’s rest. Hopefully after listening to this episode, you get to bed early tonight! 

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  • Highlights:
    • 2:00 – What is sleep?
    • 6:32 – Two simple states of sleep: REM vs NREM
    • 12:52 – Sleep and yo brain (Cerebrospinal fluid) 
    • 19:35 – Sleep and Learning & Memory
    • 23: 55 – Sleep and yo body
    • 28:55 – Sleep and being an athlete 
    • 34:31 – Sleep deprivation and exercise performance
    • 36:57 – How to get better sleep

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